Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A bit of motivation

Sat on a packed train home today from London, it was an understatement to say getting my trainers on and pounding the pavements was least of my priorities. Although having felt like a late afternoon siesta, I did manage to head out for what turned out to be a relaxed 40 minute run. Let's face it, there are some days when running is bottom of our ever-expanding to-do list. So here's a few things that get me out the door...

  • Set a goal It sounds obvious but when I have a race in mind I'm much more likely to see training as an essential part of reaching that objective
  • "Self-talk" I remind myself why I want to run
  • Visualise How did you feel after the last run? I keep in mind the energised, positive feeling after running
  • Music My Ipod is my best friend I'm lacking motivation
  • Shake up the routine a short sprint session, intervals or hills make time fly
  • Turn off the pressure Sometimes I forget keeping a pace or covering a distance. I just run and see where it takes me.
I think most of us have a love hate relationship with running but it must be the post-run feeling keeps us coming back for more.