Thursday, 29 September 2011

5 Things I'll miss about the UK.

For once I have been organised and have starting packing in good time. I may not be an accomplished traveller by many people's standards, but a few serious packing oversights (a towel?!) have taught me to be a little more savvy. A serious 4 week-long declutter operation I had after coming back from uni has also made the whole process a lot easier. So whilst I was attempting to iron a jumper within an inch of its life to the size a postage stamp, it got me thinking about what I'd miss most about the UK, (apart from family and wonderful friends of course)...

1. Queues. We Brits are pros at waiting in line. Our continental friends seem to think its a dog eat dog world out there.

2. Tea. Afternoon tea must be the epitome of all things English. That humble brew, ideally with a rich tea biscuit, is surely the ultimate remedy in a crisis.

3. Pubs. Europe may have chic bars and a thriving cafe culture, but nothing beats a proper British pub complete with uncomfortable wooden stools, beer mats and dodging a dart board. Not to mention those obscure Real ale names: Bitter and twisted, Nun's ruin, Cornish knocker anyone?

4. British Comedy- We excel at puns, sarcasm, irony, "black comedy" or needless poking fun at one another.

5. The Royal Family- The pomp, the pageantry and ceremony of the Royal wedding this year arguably inspired a renewed sense of pride in our Royal family and some furious flag-waving.

I'm smitten by Britain it seems.